Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

The actors in the Swedish crisis management system should have the ability to limit the consequences of accidents and emergencies when they happen. They should also be able to conduct command and control within their own jurisdiction as well as having the ability to collaborate with other iagencies and organizations. Lessons learned from recent year’s exercises and real events points towards a number of deficiencies regarding the ability to set up well functioning collaborations between actors on local, regional and national level.

The purpose with the project “Command, Control and Collaboration” is to enhance the capability to quickly establish necessary interoperability between the participants in the Swedish crisis management system  when crisis emerge. This means that the project should support the ability within single actor’s jurisdiction as well as within mission tailored federations of actors.With the contribution from a large number of actors in the Swedish crisis management system the project is tasked to deliver national guidelines and frameworks in five different areas:

  1. Overarching guidelines for Command, Control and Collaboration during emergencies, crisis and other stressful events.
  2. Common foundation for work in staff and collaboration functions.
  3. Methods to establish common operational pictures and information sharing.
  4. Technical Framework
  5. Sufficient competence process

The project started in November 2012 and is ongoing. Centric Labs will support the project with Project Management for the Technical Framework work package.