MARSUR Prototyping and Demonstration

During 2011 Centric Labs had the pleasure to support European Defence Agency (EDA) in its strive to enhance the security aspect of the European sea domain, in the MARSUR (Maritime Surveillance) project.

The project objectives were to demonstrate a naval and maritime information exchange system avoiding duplication of effort and the use of available technologies, systems, data and information; in order to enhance interoperability in a simple, efficient and low cost solution for support of EU CSDP and domestic civil-military operations in the Maritime surveillance domain.

To be able to do that Centric Labs, together with sub-contractors, developed a MARSUR Exchange System (MEXS) that allowed six nations, that was part of the live part of the project, to exchange information and collaborate over a safe network with a minimum of alteration of respective national Sea Surveillance System. MARSUR was demonstrated live the 30th of June 2011 with such positive outcome that the prototype delivered was set in operational use by December 2011 for operational information exchange and collaboration between Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, Finland and Sweden.