FMLS TS Management

FMLS TS Management had the overall responsibility to create a coherent Reference Architecture (RA) for the entire C2 technical system (FMLS TS) of the Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) that support and guide towards intra- and interoperability i.e. supporting information sharing and collaboration between systems and sovereign actors. The overall RA was divided into several domain-RAs like C2, Information Infrastructure, Communication, Information Assurance, Service Management etc. The architecture is model based utilizing MODAF 1.2 as the description framework.

The RA is used as guidance to different projects within the SwAF dealing with development or adjustment of technical systems in order to achieve intraoperability. The RAs contains a set of proposed generic operational function chains, comparable to NATO mission threads, that can be used in operational specific Target Architectures (TA). TAs describes the operational requirements and scenarios in detail and reuses the elements of the RAs when defining the Service and Technical Systems. By doing this the technology becomes possible to reuse in other operational scenarios of the SwAF.

Centric Labs held following positions in the project:

  • Production Managment with full responsibilty for managing all subprojects, workforce and customer interface
  • Lead architect with the responsibility to manage the Systems Engineering team and the overall quality of the architecture
  • Responsible for the overall FMLS TS RA
  • Design leader with the responsibility to lead the architecture design team
  • Responsible for developing the long term roadmap for FMLS TS together with the SwAF
  • Domain-RA responsible (3 out of 9), responsible for the content and development of the domain specific RA, management and coordination of the  leadership teams and joint meetings, design lead for experimentation systems, including the Baltic Sea Maritime Surveillance System (SUCBAS) and NATO Multinational Experimentation (MNE 5).