Design Rule for NATO NISP

Centric Labs was involved in the development of version 5 of the NATO Information Standards and Profiles (NISP). NISP is a framework for Design Rules and we worked with the development of  a guiding example. The reason for the inclusion of the guiding example was that the standards listed in NISP needed to be motivated and explained as how and when they should be applied. Design rules are about reusing knowledge of proven solutions for re-occurring problems. Reuseability of solutions that give NATO NEC-specific characteristics are particularly important. These solutions should solve frequent and/or difficult problems, promote important system characteristics and/or improve the quality of the resulting product in a cost effective way.

A design rules includes:

  1. Context i.e. under what circumstances the design rule is valid
  2. Problem/Opportunity i.e. what problem does it solves or what opportunity does it exploit
  3. Solution i.e. what problem/opportunity shall/should be resolved in the given context

Centric Labs was involved in the development of the Design Rule Framework and the Design Rule for Military International Interoperability that is the guiding Design Rule. The concept of Design Rules and the Design Rule for International Military Interoperability has rendered a lot of interest, not only within NATO, but also in civilian and Civil Military Cooperation contexts.